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Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser (Spray Type)

Maintaining sound hygiene is the most effective way of preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Effective hand washing is widely acknowledged to be the single most important activity for reducing the spread of infections in the environment.

One way of achieving this is to have a convenient automatic sanitizer dispenser system, which will encourage people to sanitize their hands quickly with lesser effort.

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Overview :

An Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser wall mount is arguably the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones from being exposed to any infectious diseases.

The single most important practice for reducing the spread of infections in the environment is generally recognized as successful hand washing. 
simple automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is one way to do this, which will enable people to easily sanitize their hands with less effort.

Advantages of Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser :

  • Up to 1.5L Sanitizer Capacity
  • Uses only up to 1 unit power in 24hrs
  • Intelligent volumetric Control
  • Can also be used as Soap Dispenser
  • Uses Proximity Sensor(Non-Polar)
  • Touchless hand sanitizing
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser has become an utter necessity to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. Pressing the nozzle, however, is also not an option for hygiene.

A complete hand hygiene program goes beyond providing the right products. While having wall-mounted hand sanitizing dispensers and bottles on surfaces in and near germ hot spots is valuable for improving the health of your workers, it is only helpful if employees regularly use them.

By using our Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser, Thekkanath Technologies has created a solution of our own to keep your hands sanitized & maintain in-office hygiene.

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