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Best Foil Sealing Machine [2021]

foil sealing machine

” Ever opened a jam bottle and wondered, how they manage to seal this? ”

A Foil Sealing Machine is used to seal bottled products before capping, it uses the electromagnetic induction principle to obtain hermetic seals on the mouth of the bottles.

foil sealer

Foil Sealer - PRIME 1

Uses Of Foil Sealing Machine :

It prevents the contents of the jars from overflowing and is used in various industries like food, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, pesticides, chemicals, cosmetics, etc.

The Sealing Machine is capable of increasing the shelf life of the products and achieves the highest quality of sealing.

It can also be used to print labels on the seal for branding and easy identification.

Also, in the sealing process, some of the machines not only position the seals but also have the cap, making it easier to sell large quantities of products in a go.

Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine :

To achieve a hermetic aluminum foil seal on assorted containers, the unit utilizes electromagnetic induction concepts.

In sectors such as chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, the unit may be used to seal various types of products.

foil sealer

Foil Sealer - Eco 1

Benefits of Foil Sealing Machine :

By using the foil sealing unit, you can know the following advantages:

  • It incorporates high-quality building material of stainless steel, thereby guaranteeing its longevity.
  • It has various kinds of drive motors that aid in a sealing process that is quicker and more reliable.
  • The unit is automatic, reliable, and in a short time, it will seal a variety of bottles.
  • For sealing purposes, it manufactures composite aluminum foil.

Drawbacks of Foil Sealing Machine :

The following are some of the disadvantages of foil sealing machines:
– This restricts you to one form of the aluminum sealing material. 
– In terms of its reduced versatility, the cost of buying the computer is greater. 
The bulk of aluminum foil sealing devices are massive in scale and therefore occupy larger floor area.

How Manual Foil Sealing Machine Works :

To put a credible seal on top of the containers, a foil sealing system relies on the electromagnetic induction principle.

The following is a step-by-step reference to a foil sealing machine’s entire electromagnetic induction operation.

foil sealer

Foil Sealer - Eco 1
  • Preparation Stage:  

You need to make sure the computer is in the correct operating state. You need to be sure that the unit is safe, that the lubricating fluid is in place and that every component is in order.

In addition, the sealing material should be mounted into the system hopper for immediate entry. All the sealing components, including paper sheets, aluminum foil, and heat sealing plate, will be loaded in this event.


  • Preparation Of Sealing Material : 

At this point, the system will automatically pick up the sealing materials one at a time.

A standard induction layer also includes several layers consisting of a paperboard, an aluminum foil, and a heat sealing plate.

The first sheet is the paper board that will be on top of the seal facing the shield. For ease of access or quick removal of the bottle seal, you may choose to spot glue on the lid.

Wax, which binds the paper board to the aluminum foil, is the second sheet. The aluminum foil comes as the third sheet that you laminate onto the seal’s bottom layer.

The bottom layer can either be the heat sealing layer or polymer film.

  • Placing the Seal on the Cap :

You may then opt to position the seal on the cap first or on the bottle, depending on the type of unit.

In this scenario, before sticking it on the bottle, you would first put the seal on the lid.


  • Placing the Seal On the Container : 

The jar, complete with the material passes on a conveyor belt under an induction coil.

The computer holds the cap complete with the seal into the bottle as the container moves. Because of the eddy current, the induction coil emits an oscillating electric field that heats the aluminum foil.

The second layer of wax begins to dissolve into the paper board and absorbs it and breaks the seal from the cap.

The heat sealing coating or film of polymer often melts and flows on to the containers’ lips.


  • Cooling Process :

On a conveyor belt, you move the bottle into the container’s cooling mechanism.

The molten polymer forms a bond with the container as it cools off, resulting in a hermetic seal. The method is stable and the container plus its contents are secure.


  • Inspection Of Seal Strength : 

A seal examination passes into the containers complete with the seals. The examination will check the seal’s credibility to make sure it is solid enough.

To verify the durability of the lock, you can use a seal strength measuring unit. Packaging and preparation in readiness for transport are the next steps.


How to Test Quality of Foil Sealing Process :

foil sealer

Foil Seal

Foil sealing machines that conform to the proper quality requirements would be given to you by most suppliers.

These quality levels would shield you from other manufacturers’ corruption.

It would also guarantee you that the sealing machine of choice is safe for use.

Besides that, the quality requirements will ensure that the sealing procedure and the seal are sufficiently solid.

The following consistency criteria apply to a decent manual foil sealing machine:

  • Certification of ISO
  • CE consistency standards assurance.
  • Standard guarantee of GMP quality
  • Performance cGMP certificate

The integrity of heat sealing is protected by ISO11607-2, which dictates the requirements of certification for assembly, shaping, and sealing procedures.

It dictates that to have adequate evidence of seal strength and sterilization, the procedure requires performance certification of packaging equipment.

The seal strength verification is carried out by a heat seal strength test using the following criteria:

  • A sampling of Seal :

Next, you need to gather random samples in various containers from different seals.

Depending on the size of the seal, you can cut a portion of the seal to around 15 mm.

If the seal is larger than 500 mm, you would have to cut more samples out of the seal.

  • Calibrate Strength Testing Machine : 

Until using it you have to calibrate the strength measuring unit.

In this case, based on the samples you obtain, you can key in the research criteria.


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